Two Guys Prove That People Can’t Tell The Difference Between The Bible and The Qu’ran

As the recent news is flooded with acts terrorism committed by ISIS and their supporters all around the world, it can be easy for the weak minded to associate Islam, the religion that ISIS has radicalized to justify their heinous crimes, as a barbaric and violent religion.

Islam is in fact a religion based on devotion, discipline and generosity, values that many people from Christianity-based Western countries believe about themselves. How different is Christianity from Islam? More importantly, what is the perceived difference?

Two Dutch YouTubers took to the streets to find out in a video on their channel Dit Is Normaal.

Sacha Harland and Alexander Spoor took a The Holy Bible and replaced the cover of the book with that of The Holy Qu’ran.

They then read some particularly barbaric passages from The Bible to people on the street.

Under the assumption that quotes on how gay men should be dealt with or how women should be punished for learning were from The Qu’ran, people gave their honest feedback.

When it was revealed that the quotes actually come from The Bible, it’s safe to say that some people had their minds blown.

We must never forget that a major part of understanding and accepting other cultures and religions is to know your own.

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