Meet the 6-Year-Old Kid Who’s the Reincarnation of Bruce Lee

Watching 6-year-old Ryuji Imai demonstrate his fierce kicks and nunchuck skills is like seeing a true Jeet Kune Do master at work. He throws punches and delivers elbows with the same tenacity as his idol, Bruce Lee.
The young martial artist first gained popularity after a video of him mimicking his hero’s masterful technique went viral online, reported Maxim. Uploaded by his father/trainer on YouTube last year, the video showed Imai reenacting a scene from Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death”. The video has been viewed over 10 million times.
Complete with the matching yellow striped jumpsuit get-up, Imai flawlessly matched Lee’s every move in the iconic film.
According to his Facebook profile, he has been working hard to emulate Bruce Lee’s style ever since. Through the guidance of his father, he also has been learning the proper techniques of Jeet Kune Do.
Following his progress via his regularly updated Facebook account, one can easily notice how he has improved with his precision and speed in landing his punches and kicks. It is like witnessing the true re-“birth of the Dragon.” 
His followers commend the young warrior not only for his natural skill but also for his impressive discipline, just like his legendary idol.
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