Meet the 23-Year-Old Who Has the Most ‘Beautiful’ Breasts in Japan

Meet the 23-Year-Old Who Has the Most ‘Beautiful’ Breasts in Japan
Ryan General
October 23, 2016
Fluffiness was one of the deciding factors in the search for the most beautiful boobs (bioppai) which was recently held in Japan. The inaugural contest, which celebrated the country’s unmatched love for the female form was won by 23-year-old Ryoko Nakaoka from Tokyo.
Carefully selected by a team of dedicated judges, the award-winning boobs of the 2016 Bioppai Contest embody the best of the best breasts in Japan, according to RocketNews24. Three out of five judges from the esteemed panel were women, adding “a female perspective” on the delicate choice.
In her self-introduction, Bioppai Contest winner Nakaoka revealed that she was a bit worried about her skin’s rough quality as she grew up enjoying a variety of sports as a child, such as swimming and table tennis.
Nakaoka is set to appear in the pages of Free Magazine, a popular fashion publication, as part of her prize.
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