Ryan Reynolds Cast as Pikachu in Upcoming Live-Action Pokémon Movie

Ryan Reynolds is joining the cast of “Detective Pikachu“, the live-action Pokémon movie, as the titular lead, Pikachu.

Reynolds, perhaps best known for his portrayal of snarky superhero, Deadpool, will be teaming up with costars Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton in the Legendary Entertainment-produced film directed by Rob Letterman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie will begin shooting mid-January in London.

The role is supposed to be voice-based, as motion-capture will be used in Pikachu’s portrayal. Unlike Ash’s Pikachu that most 90s kids have come to know and love, Detective Pikachu can communicate regularly with humans in full, complete sentences.

Netizens weighed in on the casting decision:

What do you think? Perfect fit or should it have been Danny Devito? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image via YouTube / (Left): IGN | Twitter / (Right): VanCityReynolds

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