Ryan Higa Perfectly Sums Up Why Steve Harvey’s Tasteless Asian Jokes Are Not Okay

YouTube sensation Ryan Higa recently posted a video sharing his thoughts on the Steve Harvey Asian men fiasco.

In the video, he points out a disturbing double standard in how the media treats Asians compared to other races.

“Can you imagine if we switched the roles and we had and Asian man playing Steve Harvey and saying the things that he said but about black people on national television? I’m sure his career would be over,” Higa said in the video.

And he’s absolutely right, if the situations were switched to target black people, there would be significantly more outrage.

“But since the joke was about Asians, it’s not as big of a deal because its just a joke. Asians are like the punching bags of society.”

Higa than relates back to the time ESPN titled an article about Jeremy Lin “Chink in the Armor”. While there was outraged, there were also a handful of people who defended the author saying it was just a joke.


“You think anyone would dare publish the article if they switched out ‘chink’ with the n-word? Of course not, because society and mainstream media has taught us that it’s not okay to make black jokes, but it is okay to make Asian jokes.”

Watch the full video below:

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