Ryan Higa and Friends Create K-Pop Group as a Joke, Gets #1 Hit on K-Pop Charts

An Asian-American-made parody K-pop group has landed the top spot on iTunes’s K-Pop chart.

Created by popular YouTuber Ryan Higa, the five-man boy band named “Boys Generally Asian” (BGA), released their second song, “Who’s It Gonna Be”, and immediately climbed the K-pop ranking.

The song, which was released on iTunes on March 24, even surpassed Korea’s top male groups, outranking songs released by Monsta X, GOT7, and BTS, among others.

With BGA accurately copying K-pop groups to a tee, it has earned admiration from true K-Pop fans, reports Koreaboo. So far, their songs have become a tremendous hit not only among Korean K-Pop fans but with American fans as well.

The release of “Who’s It Gonna Be” also breathed life to its maiden release “똥싸야돼”, allowing it to the charts at a comfortable #3.

The parody group also perfectly imitated how K-Pop groups are formed, from selecting their fandom name, adopting official colors, and choosing its solo members. Ryan Higa even released different versions of their first song, which is a typical practice among K-pop artists.

For “Who’s It Gonna Be”, BGA even released teaser photos and videos before the release of the song, which has been another common practice in the Korean music industry.

Higa, who is known by his YouTube username nigahiga, has long been a popular YouTube personality. His comedy video productions have been viewed over 3 billion times on Youtube. Higa’s YouTube channel has over 19 million subscribers, making it the 14th most subscribed on YouTube.

Check out their hilarious first single below:

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