Russian Teacher Loses Job in China After Taping Students’ Mouths Shut

A female Russian teacher was terminated from her teaching job in China after allegedly plastering adhesive tape to students’ mouths

The 25-year-old  language teacher, identified only by her first name Carrie, has worked for a year at K&H International School, an English training center in Shanghai. Reports state, however, that the teacher had just received her working visa and professional approval a month ago, Shanghaiist reported.

In a statement released on Saturday, the school said that the teacher had “inappropriately stuck double-faced adhesive tape to the mouths of two kids during the interactive session of the class.”

The message also included an apology from the school to all parents, notifying them that it was already processing the annulment of the teacher’s work permit.

In an interview with Shanghai Daily, a mother surnamed Zhu was quoted as saying she had alerted local authorities on Wednesday after her mother-in-law saw the incident the day before. Her son reportedly had a piece of adhesive tape on his mouth while in the Russian teacher’s class.

According to Zhu, the tape was the teacher’s way of punishing noisy students.

“There are many ways to quiet children down,” said Zhu, who incidentally was a former teacher herself, “but this is not acceptable.”

The mother added that the students’ parents in the teacher’s class have sought a refund on tuition fees, but the school has not yet responded. The incident also somehow revealed that the branch of the school where the Russian was working did not have a business license.

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