Russian Backpackers Hitchhike Their Way Through China With Absolutely No Money

Three unbelievably brave Russian adventurers have taken a bold, but rather ill-planned journey to China — without bringing any money.

The pack of twenty-somethings, consisting of two men and one woman, were found Sunday morning, trying to hitchhike along a highway in Chongqing, reported Shanghaiist.

With plans of hitchhiking their way across the country for a month, the group may have thought such trip would be a thrilling adventure, despite the uncertainty and possible dangers of exploring a foreign country without a budget.

The young travelers arrived in China two weeks ago and had just left Xinjiang when they were spotted by the locals looking exhausted and tired. Authorities were then immediately notified to help and look into the group’s’ well-being. They were all then brought to the police station by the local officers. The backpackers were provided with free accommodations for the night, a meal and 100 yuan or $15.

According to the People’s Daily, the traveling trio said they had aspired on traveling to the different parts China, but had very little money to do so. The group said they were simply living off using the money they earned by taking selfies with some Chinese people they meet along the way.

Having zero cash and very little energy, the young adventurers still plan to complete what they have set out to do. Their next planned stop would be Guangzhou, before heading to Beijing.

Last month, a Belgian couple also took a cashless adventure trip to China and ended up in a similarly embarrassing situation.

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