Russia had role in 2021 ‘Havana syndrome’ attack on Americans in Hanoi: report

Russia had role in 2021 ‘Havana syndrome’ attack on Americans in Hanoi: report
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Bryan Ke
16 days ago
A new report suggests that Russia may have had a role in the “Havana syndrome” attack on nearly a dozen Americans ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2021.
Key points:
  • The evidence was presented in the most recent episode of “60 Minutes.” Producers Michael Rey and Oriana Zill de Granados collaborated with investigative journalist Christo Grozev for the episode.
  • “60 Minutes” claimed Vietnam received “LRAD (long-range acoustic device) acoustic emitters” and “short-wave equipment for scanning the human body” from Russia.

Catching up:
  • Harris’ trip was delayed for a few hours in August 2021 after 11 U.S. American personnel were targeted in separate incidents before the visit. The affected personnel were medically evacuated, and Harris proceeded with her trip unharmed.
The details:
  • The “60 Minutes” episode shows an email sent in March 2021 detailing how Russian intelligence allegedly lobbied for and received permission from President Vladimir Putin to send the technology to Vietnam.
  • The message in Russian read in part, “This confidential document is intended only for joint interaction and cooperation between [the] Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and [the] Security Council of Russia…”
  • Vietnamese officials were purportedly instructed to use the technology to listen in on American personnel ahead of Harris’ trip. They were seemingly unaware of the devices’ harmful effects on humans.
  • Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Greg Edgreen believes that Russia supplied the technology to hinder the U.S. from strengthening its relationship with Russia’s old ally, Vietnam, he told “60 Minutes.” Edgreen initiated an investigation in 2016 after the first reported cases of Havana syndrome among embassy staff in Cuba surfaced.
  • LRAD is a military-grade sonic weapon that emits high volume sound that go up to 162 decibels – the human pain threshold is 130 decibels.
  • Symptoms of Havana syndrome are similar to that of a concussion or a mild head injury. It includes a loud piercing sound and pressure in the face, followed by pain, nausea and dizziness.
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