Runner Under Fire After Allegedly Grabbing Woman’s Breast During Beijing Marathon

A runner from Zhejiang Province, China is now under fire after being caught on video seemingly grabbing a woman’s breast during the Beijing Marathon on Sunday.

In the very short, 3-second clip that’s been circulating in Chinese social media, the man, identified only as Chen, can be seen reaching out to his side as he run along with other contestants of the marathon. This action eventually led him to making contact with one woman around her chest area.


After the clip went viral, many netizens immediately accused the man of molestation, as he didn’t even stop to apologize to the woman, but instead continued with a smile on his face.


Chen tried to defend himself on social media and said that he was only trying to “high-five” the woman and that the angle of the camera was deceiving, making it look like he intentionally touched her breast, according to Shanghaiist.

However, he later stated that he did touch the woman after being pressed by netizens, but said that he only grazed her stomach and not her chest. Chen even went on to claim that sexually harassing someone would be the last thing that he could think off at the time, considering how he was jogging for more than 37 kilometers (22.9 miles).

Netizens, meanwhile, did not buy his explanation of what happened. One user wrote on Weibo, “Do you think we are all blind? What you did is right there on video!” while another person said, “Your vulgar smile cannot hide your dirty mind.”

Featured image via YouTube / 澎湃新闻

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