Rude Student in China Challenges Teacher To Slap Her, Gets Exactly What She Asked For

Chinese netizens are appalled over a female student who provoked her teacher to fight her inside a classroom in China.

The video footage of the incident, which begins with the teacher scolding a student for having a bad attitude, has been widely shared on Chinese social media. Neither of the two has been identified in the reports.

The teenager can be seen dismissing the teacher while she was talking to her inside the classroom of an unidentified Chinese high school. The teacher then gave her a warning that if she continues with her behavior, she will be forced to hit her. Not backing down, the girl stood up, mocking the teacher some more and further testing her patience. When the student threw more insults at the teacher, she finally received a slap from her.

The student responded with a slap on her teacher’s face as well, igniting with a brawl between the two. The other students are seen trying to separate them as the teacher and her unruly student duked it out.

Shanghaiist reports that the rude student earned criticisms from many Chinese netizens who have watched the video.

“Was this girl not pointing to her face asking to be hit? The teacher just complied with her wishes,” one Weibo user pointed out. 

“To tell the truth, I think this girl got what was coming to her,” another one commented.

“Hitting people is not right, but kids today lack proper education,” one comment read.

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