Japanese Restaurant Has a Genius Way to Keep Customers Polite

Japanese Restaurant Has a Genius Way to Keep Customers Polite
Carl Samson
July 23, 2018
A restaurant in Japan is winning praise on social media after coming up with an ingenious way to ensure that its staff is treated politely.
Word about the pub Konro-ya went viral after Japanese Twitter user @gin_shiru shared a photo of its beer menu over the weekend.
Image via Twitter / @gin_shiru
Apparently, Konro-ya is charging customers up to 620 yen (about $6) more if he or she orders without showing respect.
SoraNews24 translated the sign:
“Yo! Beer!” — 1,000 yen
“Bring me a beer.” — 500 yen
“Excuse me. One beer please.” — 380 yen

Customers are NOT GOD. Also, the staff at our pub are NOT THEIR SLAVES.

At our pub, everyone is a valuable slave treasure.
Thank you for your cooperation.

With love from Konro-ya
Image via Twitter / @gin_shiru
The tweet has received 267,000 likes and 129,000 comments since its posting on July 21.
Japanese netizens commended the restaurant’s policy:
“Let’s do this in all shops in Japan.”
“It’s a nice effort!”
“The store has the right to choose customers. There are so many people in Japan that demand hospitality comparable to luxury hotels in convenience stores and pubs.”
Others poked fun at the idea:
“Hey, vodka.”
“Hey, sorry, please give me a piece of life.”
“What if I say when the bill arrives, ‘Thank you for the meal. It was very delicious. Thank you. Thank you so much. Do you give discounts?”
However, one argued that the restaurant must first win customers with their service.
“I wouldn’t enter this store if I were you. It only puts a wall between staff and customers. Before asking about manners, I’d like them to win customers with their food and service.”
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Interestingly, one shared that a similar policy can be found somewhere in France, where rude customers are charged up to €5.6 (about $7) more.
“A coffee” — 7 euros
“A coffee, please” — 4.25 euros
“Hello, a coffee please” — 1.40 euros
Image via Twitter / @takubuzzgawgaw
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