Rude Chinese Police Officers Sent to 5-Star Luxury Hotel to Learn Good Manners

A number of “rude” police officers in China were required to undergo training on how to better serve the public with a smile, but if you think that they got “punished” for their unruly actions, wait until you find out where they were sent for some proper behavior lessons.

According to the BBC, 20 officers from Xi’an in China were sent to a five-star-hotel for a three-month “style rectification” course. Now, doesn’t that sound fancy?

“Politeness is something all our officers should possess,” said local police captain Li Huixian.

The Chang’an district police force was compelled to address the matter after a local television reported about their “discourteous” police officers. But it seems like this disciplinary lesson is not the kind of training the public would appreciate.

Many expressed their opinions about the absurd way the problem was handled. Via microblogging site Weibo, users posted their take on the issue with one saying that the idea of training these police officers at a luxury hotel was “ridiculous.”

Another said that things like good manners and attitude are innate. Meanwhile, others speculate that the lavish three-month course is just another excuse to spend, thanks to their hefty annual budget.

Image via Flcikr / Beijing Patrol

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