Rubber Chicken ‘Wedding March’ is What We Secretly Want But Are Too Ashamed to Admit It

After the massive success of the rubber chicken version of Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon,” classical music YouTuber TwoSet Violin added another iconic piece to his repertoire: Felix Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March.”

The video starts off with Eddy Chen in a deep state of concentration as he masterfully hits all the right notes using the squeaky toy.

Bretty Yang, the other half of the TwoSet Violin, then joins his friend in a split screen with his own rubber chicken filling in for the harmony.

“Wedding March” was written by Mendelssohn in 1842 for the production of William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” TIME reported.

The duo proceeded to perform the “Wedding March” like a four-man orchestra, but with rubber chickens instead of violins.

Netizens admitted that they wanted TwoSet Violin’s rendition of the “Wedding March” to play on their own wedding day when they walk down the aisle.

Other users couldn’t help but mention Big Marvel, who was one of the first few YouTubers who made videos using a rubber chicken as a musical instrument.

They may share similarities in their art, but the YouTubers do have different tastes in music — TwoSet Violin performs classical compositions while Big Marvel focuses on pop music and other genres.

Images via YouTube / TwoSetViolin

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