Elementary School Worker Beaten at Bus Stop in Rosemead, Loses Part of His Finger

Elementary School Worker Beaten at Bus Stop in Rosemead, Loses Part of His Finger

February 18, 2021
An elementary school worker was assaulted in an unprovoked attack at a Rosemead, California bus stop.
Last week, Matthew Leung, 51, who has worked as a paraprofessional for more than 20 years at Gates Street Elementary School, was standing at a bus stop near Rosemead Boulevard and Marshall Street when a man on a bike approached him.
Leung struck a conversation with the man, asking him what bus number he was taking. The man responded with a number and said he was going to shop for shoes.
Five minutes later, the man returned and took Leung’s walking stick and started beating him with it for no apparent reason.
According to a GoFundMe page set up for Leung by his colleagues from Gates Street Elementary School, Leung was left bleeding on the ground until a person found him and called 911. Leung lost part of his finger and suffered from a head concussion, requiring stitches.
“This violence should never happen. It should never occur. I mean it was unprovoked. He was just sitting on a bus stop,” Diane Yokoyama, a teacher at Gates Street elementary school, told ABC7
Police are unsure if race played a part in the motive behind the assault. However, this attack came amidst the recent rise in anti-Asian crimes.
The suspect has not been identified and the investigation remains ongoing.
Do you have a hate incident to report? Help us document the recent rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans by going to STOP AAPI HATE to report an incident. Please stay safe out there.
Featured Image via ABC7 (left), GoFundMe (right)
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