This 23-Year-Old Made Over $15,000 Because She Looks Like Taylor Swift

This 23-Year-Old Made Over $15,000 Because She Looks Like Taylor SwiftThis 23-Year-Old Made Over $15,000 Because She Looks Like Taylor Swift
Laura Dang
June 12, 2015
Rose Nicholas has been cashing in on her looks and the fact that everyone mistakes her for famous pop singer Taylor Swift.
The motto “fake it till you make it” is literally paying off for the 23-year-old British look-alike from Chester, England, who has made thousands impersonating the A-list celebrity.
She tells the Daily Mail she has since made 10,000 pounds ($15,500) and is being paid over 400 pounds ($600) for modeling gigs as a professional impersonator.
She recalls that friends and family began commenting on her resemblance to the singer when she was 17, even before Taylor Swift became a pop icon. She told the Mail:
“I had long, blonde curly hair just like Taylor when her career was starting out as a country singer. My brother’s friends would all comment on how much I looked like her.
“Then after I started university in Leeds, random people would start to approach me on nights out. Drunk students would shout at me, asking for a photo with Taylor Swift!”
It was only after a visit to the United States when Taylor Swift’s newly released music was catching fire that Nicholas realized the money-making potential of her physical likeness to Swift.
“I went to work and travel in the USA for four months and that’s when it really blew up for me.
“Taylor’s hit album Red had come out recently and now, not a day went by where I didn’t hear the singer’s name.”
Nicholas says she initially used her appearances to get free drinks at clubs when people mistook her for Taylor Swift:
“Looking like Taylor certainly has its perks – in Boston we convinced pretty much everyone in a bar I was Taylor so we got free drinks all night!”
After photos of her went viral on Flickr she left her retail job to do modeling gigs. In December 2013, Rose signed a deal with Costello Entertainments to make guest appearances as Taylor Swift’s doppelganger.
Rose says she enjoys making people’s day by taking occasional selfies with young Swift fans who frequently mob her wherever she goes.
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