Roommate Pours Boiling Hot Ramen on Soon-to-Be Bride’s Face in Korea

A 26-year-old woman named Goo from South Korea suffered severe burns when her 21-year-old roommate poured blazing hot ramen on her face after the soon-to-be-bride allegedly talked badly about her on social media.

The gruesome attack happened on Oct. 24 when the suspect, only identified as Kim, barged into the victim’s room while swinging a weapon towards Goo’s face and legs. The roommate also threatened to cut Goo’s Achilles tendons.

Screenshot via YouTube / YTN News

The attack reportedly lasted for about an hour. Goo received a helping hand from one of her neighbors after she successfully escaped the apartment.

The attacker came to the hospital on the day of the incident and claimed she, too, is a victim. She even sent curse messages to my girlfriend the next day,” her fiancé told media outlet Asia Economy.

Because of the tragic attack, Goo will most likely undergo continuous treatment that would last for about one to two years. And doctors said that, in worse-case scenario, she would need a skin transplant for the severe burns she received from the assault.

Police initially investigated the attack as a mutual assault after only Kim told her side of the ordeal, but an arrest warrant has now been issued for Kim.

Images via YouTube / YTN News

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