Woman Forced to Watch Her Roommate Beat and Kick Her Cat for Over an Hour on Live Security Footage

Woman Forced to Watch Her Roommate Beat and Kick Her Cat for Over an Hour on Live Security Footage

May 2, 2019
A woman travelling in Thailand could only cry helplessly as she watched her roommate abuse her cat in their residence in China through live home security footage on April 27.
The woman claimed that her roommate, identified as Dong, chased, beat and kicked her gentle British Shorthair, Mian Mian, for over an hour.
Dong was allegedly punishing Mian Mian for urinating on her bed.
“My female flatmate kicked my cat as if it was a penalty kick,” the distressed cat owner said. “She beat the little cat which was unable to fight back for dozens of times.”
The cat owner, who goes by @vseacuvuenm on Weibo, posted clips of her roommate’s horrifying actions on Tuesday.
In addition to chasing, beating and kicking Mian Mian, Dong allegedly squeezed the feline’s neck, locked it in its cage, and lifted it by the tail for over three minutes “for fun.”
The cat owner attempted to call Dong multiple times during the excruciating stream, but she allegedly refused to pick up.
Hell-bent for an apology, she decided to publish Dong’s personal details on social media.
According to Mian Mian’s owner, Dong is a student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and an intern at Tencent.
She claimed that her roommate agreed to live with a cat when she moved into their apartment, and that she agreed to watch over it while she travelled last weekend.
The disturbing clips have gone viral on social media, with many calling for justice to be served.
“This girl is clearly abusing the cat.”
“It’s not enough for people who abuse animals to die 10,000 times.”
“The cat was very distressed and this woman was laughing. Really disgusting.”
“It’s hard to imagine the cat’s pain and how possible it is for any person to do such evil.”
“I just want to cry. I have been raising cats. This cat’s voice is already too painful to hear.”
HKUST and Tencent received the news of Dong’s actions. While HKUST only offered to reprimand her, Tencent vowed to terminate her contract and offer counselling as necessary, HK01 reported.
Dong has reportedly apologized to her flatmate and offered to cover Mian Mian’s medical bills. She may not face criminal prosecution, however, as China has no laws on animal cruelty.
Images via Weibo / @vseacuvuenm
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