Rooftop Driving School in China Shuts Down For Very Obvious Reasons

A driving school in Taiyuan, China was forced to shut down after netizens expressed their concern for what may be an obvious disaster waiting to happen.

In the images of the driving school that went viral, the driving course itself was located on the rooftop of a factory that was under construction, Shanghaiist noted.

Based on the photos, many noted that it looks all too easy for beginner drivers to accidentally accelerate or fail to brake, potentially crashing through the short guard wall and fall 20 meters down trapped in a car.

“This is like putting your life on the line to learn to drive,” wrote one netizen.

Because of the growing concern, the factory ordered the driving school to be shut down. The polyester factory below expressed their desire to turn the rooftop to a parking lot instead, which is still car related but perhaps far safer.

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