Man Shares Wholesome Father’s Day Stories From His ‘Asian Ron Swanson’ Dad

Twitter user @kane shared a compilation of heartwarming anecdotes of his dad, whom he described as “basically an Asian Ron Swanson,” for Father’s Day.

In the Twitter thread, Kane explained that growing up, their father, who is a trained military scout, would insist that they learn how to use paper maps and memorize routes while traveling instead of getting a GPS in their car.

When it comes to food, Kane said that whenever they visit an aquarium, their dad would go to the fish he had already eaten or planned to eat.

During the winter in what he calls a “very cold part of New York state,” his dad turned their garage into a large meat locker where he would hang up meat.

Kane then went on to describe his father’s love for dim sum. He would wait by the kitchen door to intercept the food cart as it came out.

His dad also wandered into a frat party after hearing that they often serve free beer.

Kane’s dad’s favorite pastime during the summer involves squatting on the deck, smoking, drinking light beer and eating peanuts.

He would also feed peanuts to blue jays, which became a little problematic.

Probably his most Ron Swanson (a character played by Nick Offerman in the hit series “Parks and Recreation”) moment was when he said that working for the government after years in the private sector was like retirement.

Kane’s dad also likes to explain military vehicles to his children when they take trips to the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station.

His dad was flabbergasted after learning that the Rolex he once bought decades ago is considered “hip” today.

Happy belated Father’s Day to Kane’s dad and Ron Swanson!

Featured Image via Twitter / @kane

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