Rolls-Royce Owner Demands Man Sell His House After Crashing Into His Car

Rolls-Royce Owner Demands Man Sell His House After Crashing Into His Car
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
December 13, 2017
A man who crashed into a Rolls-Royce in China had to face the wrath of the luxury car’s owner who ordered him to sell his house after the incident.
The man was driving a Hyundai when the unfortunate collision happened in Liaoning, Shenyang Province, on December 8.
As seen in pictures, the Rolls-Royce sustained damages on its front left, while the Hyundai reportedly had much worse.
Eyewitnesses claimed that the Rolls-Royce owner was so furious that the first words he uttered after the collision were “Sell your house!”
Meanwhile, the Hyundai driver was shook and fell silent as authorities surveyed the damaged cars. Both drivers are said to be in their 40s, NetEase noted.
According to the Beijing Morning Post, the Rolls-Royce reportedly costs somewhere between 4 million and 14 million yuan ($604,000 – $2.1 million), while its front emblem alone comes at 240,000 yuan ($36,250).
Netizens picked up the news shortly, with some pointing that luxury cars involved in such accidents give rise to “social injustice,” as per the Observer Network. These netizens also suggested a legally-prescribed “compensation ceiling.”
Others thought the Rolls-Royce owner was being reasonable when he asked the Hyundai driver to sell his house, since insurance costs may not be enough to compensate damages to the luxury car.
Indeed, this is another bad day for a luxury car — but it’s definitely worse for the regular one!
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