Robots Take Over Korean Burger Restaurant to Keep Social Distancing

robot servers

In a bid to minimize person-to-person interaction during the COVID-19 pandemic, a burger joint in South Korea is replacing human staffers with robot servers.


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​Your food is delivered by #robot, and your buns are freshly made& lying on conveyor belt in No brand burger, Yeoksam Station (line 2) branch 로봇이 음식을 가져다주고, 버거번은 바로 만들어져서 벨트 위를 지나가는 노브랜드버거 역삼역점 (인스타 장소 미등록) Nobrandburger is a fast food franchise run by Shinsegae, which we are more familiar as E-Mart. It just opened a new branch in Yeoksam last week, and I’ve already been there four times in 7 days… so that explains how delicious their food is. #Morningmeal is served only in Yeoksam branch, and it is the best morning meal I had in all fast food chains around the world. It was the only thing that made me forget my cravings for wonder bagles NY 🙃#ciabatta bread was so soft and easy to eat as breakfast. Their burgers need no words to describe it. Please see my burger clips (swipe left) Fresh veggies and juicy beef: It’s not something we had in Korea. I love it! Thank you @nobrandburger.official for doing this in Korea 😭 #샐러드 #Salad (from KRW 3,800) 양이 많지 않지만 가성비가 좋아요! ​ #칼조네 #Calzone (from KRW 6,900) 양이 많아요! 치즈치킨을 시켰는데 치즈는 많은데 치킨이 어디있는 지 모르겠어요.. ​ #샌드위치 #Sandwich (from KRW 5,400) 양이 정말 많았어요. 저는 #바질치킨샌드위치 를 시켰는데 치킨과 야채 많이 들어가있어요! 그런데 바질향과 맛이 약해서 아쉬웠어요 😢 (샌드위치는 모닝메뉴 샌드위치의 2개 크기에요) ​ #아침메뉴 전세계 패스트푸드 체인의 모닝메뉴 중 최고. 아침에 빵 먹기 힘든 사람도 먹을 수 있는 맛 #버거 #Burger 두툼한 패티, 신선하고 아삭한 야채가 포인트 ​ 버거 메뉴는 다른 지점과 같아요. 역시 맛있죠! 노브랜드버거의 why pay more? It’s good enough에 걸맞게 저렴한 가격으로 수제버거처럼 두툼한 패티와 신선한 야채를 먹을 수 있어서 너무 좋아요 🍔 ​ Original 오리지널 KRW2,900 Signature 시그니처 KRW3,500 Amazing 어메이징 KRW,4900 Please check my blog for full review!

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Robo-waiters: Fast-food chain No Brand Burger has been using robots to handle taking orders, meal preparation and serving customers in its day-to-day operations, Associated Press reported.

  • Customers use a touchscreen to place their order and pay.
  • After the order is forwarded to the kitchen, a cooking machine starts preparing the food, heating up burger patties and buns.
  • Human workers then add toppings and wrap up the meal to be presented to the customer.
  • A robot server then brings the takeout bag to the customers once ready. 
  • Takeout orders at the chain account to over half of its total sales this month as restaurants could only provide takeout and delivery after 9 p.m. in South Korea following a second wave of coronavirus infections recently. The restriction was lifted earlier this week. 


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#광고 버거땡겨서 노브랜드버거 역삼점 다녀왔습니당˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑ 입구에 서빙로봇부터 너무 신기했어요🤭 내부도 엄청 넓고 인테리어도 깔끔해서 좋더라구요ღ’ᴗ’ღ 자동화기계에서 버거가 나오는 볼거리도 있으니까 노브랜드버거로 가보세요🧡 ⠀ #노브랜드버거 #노브랜드버거역삼역점 #NBB역삼역 #컨셉스토어 #NoBrandBurger #NBB

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A growing trend: Other establishments in Asia have also started the use of robots to supplement human workers in recent months.

  • In Japan, a shelf-stacking robot piloted by a human is being used in grocery stores, NextShark previously reported.
  • FamilyMart and Lawson, two of the largest convenience store operators in Japan, are the first to deploy Model-T, a kangaroo-like robot created by Japanese startup Telexistence.


  • Meanwhile, an Italian restaurant chain in South Korea has started using robot servers for its dine-in customers. 
  • Known as Aglio Kim, the robo-waiter uses high-tech cameras and sensors to navigate between tables inside the restaurant Mad for Garlic. 
  • The restaurant reportedly used the smart robot to put diners at ease while eating out during the pandemic, according to Inside Edition CBS.
  • “Customers found the robot serving quite unique and interesting, and also felt safe from the coronavirus,” Mad for Garlic manager Lee Young-ho was quoted as saying.

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