American Pedophile Arrested in The Philippines Planned to Reenact ’50 Shades of Grey’ With Children

American Pedophile Arrested in The Philippines Planned to Reenact ’50 Shades of Grey’ With ChildrenAmerican Pedophile Arrested in The Philippines Planned to Reenact ’50 Shades of Grey’ With Children
An American pedophile recently arrested in the Philippines was reportedly planning to re-enact scenes from the film “50 Shades of Grey” with young, poor, underaged Filipino girls, local authorities revealed.
In a press briefing on Thursday, Philippine National Police (PNP) Superintendent Maria Shiela Portento unveiled a variety of sex toys seized from the suspect identified as Robin Hoyt Alderman, reports Inquirer
Portento, an officer from the Women and Children Protection Center, stated that the 58-year-old yoga instructor was planning to use the sexual paraphernalia to replicate scenes from the erotically-explicit film about a rich businessman and a college woman.
Alderman, who had just arrived from Vietnam, was arrested at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport last week by the PNP, in coordination with United States Department of Homeland Security. He reportedly made the trip to Manila to meet some children who he had been planning to have sex with, according to GMA News
“On the basis of his ongoing communications with the victim that constituted procuring, hiring, and obtaining minor for the purpose of pornography and sexual exploitation, all of these are violations of the expanded Anti-Human trafficking law of the Philippines,” Portento said.
Following the rescue of his 15-year-old female victim, two more girls, aged 14 and 15, were discovered and rescued by the police. They are now under the protection of local social services. Alderman, who has been under investigation for online sexual exploitation, is facing charges before the Philippines’ Department of Justice. According to the police, Alderman’s plans were uncovered from a social media post that got the attention of the U.S. Homeland Security.
50 shades of grey
The report allegedly specified his plans, indicating the abuse he intended to inflict upon his child victims. Based on said post, Alderman was planning to rent an old apartment and a van, which he planned to use to abduct other victims. He was also planning to acquire motorcycles to help with the abduction. According to the police, he was targeting young, poor and “even homeless Filipino girls” for sexual exploitation. He also reportedly makes video recordings of past abuses, which he sells online. 
Authorities also found that the suspected sex tourist has been in the Philippines at least twice before and he had also made several trips to Vietnam and Taiwan. He will be tried for his offense in the Philippines and, after serving his sentence, will eventually be turned over to U.S. authorities.
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