Hilarious Parody of Viral BBC Interview Will Give You Life

Professor Robert E. Kelly may want to get over it already, but the internet can’t let go just yet.

In a recent interview, the Korea expert shared his thoughts over the live blooper:

“We love our children very much and we are happy that our family blooper, our family error, on television brought so much laughter to so many people. I had assumed that this would end any television pieces. That people would see this and assume it was just wildly unprofessional. No one would ever call me again. That I’d never speak on television again.”

Now, hilarious parodies of his viral interview with the BBC are all over YouTube:

One of them caught our attention and we thought you should see it too, if you haven’t already!

All thanks to producers Michael Tow and Teja Arboleda for the good laughs!

Check it out below:

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