Robbers Spray Chinese Tourists in Paris with Tear Gas Before Stealing Their Luggage

About six robbers have assaulted a group of Chinese tourists in Paris, spraying them with tear gas before stealing their luggage.

The tourists, 27 in total, were loading their stuff onto a bus that was supposedly taking them to Charles de Gaulle airport.

A French police told Reuters, “They sprayed the driver with tear gas and hit two tourists.”

As per Shanghaiist, the assault took place outside a hotel near the airport. Passengers were left in shock when the thieves fled.

The value of stolen goods has not been specified yet.

Robbers in Paris have been targeting tourists from China, Japan and Korea for some time now, as they are believed to carry large amounts of cash and luxury items. Popular luxury brands such as Burberry, Cartier, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Givenchy and Prada have stores located in the French capital.

Yet Paris also houses lucrative Chinese restaurants, Aljazeera noted, which may well cater to Chinese travelers beginning to take overseas trips.

However, following the unfortunate ISIS attacks in France in 2015 and 2016, more and more tourists are reportedly fearing Paris. Businesses such as bars, hotels and restaurants all recorded losses, though some are observing recovery.

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