This $1,800/Month Apartment Lease Will Let You Live All Around the World

A new startup is offering an apartment lease that will allow those who take it on to live around the world.
Roam considers itself the first global co-living provider with spaces in Ubud, Bali and Miami and Madrid by the end of May. The company is targeting location-independent professionals and travelers who are interested in a communal living space abroad where they are able to live comfortably and get work done.
Roam plans to have eight to 10 locations internationally by 2017, reported Fast Co-Exist. The company recommends those who are interested in signing up to give up their current residence or sublet it out.
Founder Bruno Haid believes Roam will cater to “location-independent” people. Haid, who lived and worked nomadically during his twenties, said:
“Just managing my stuff and going back and forth between Airbnbs and housesitting became more cumbersome over time. At the same time, I was involved in a couple of early co-living communities in San Francisco and saw the cultural value of something like that.”
Those who can afford to foot $500 per week per room or $1,800 per month per room are given access to co-living spaces around the world and can come and go as they please. According to the website, each room has a private bathroom that is fully furnished with a queen or king-sized bed.
Residents have access to a shared kitchen, co-working space and laundry facilities. Sheets, towels, pillows, high-speed internet, Cisco Meraki telecommunication equipment, universal power outlets and Eames aluminum office chairs are also provided. Haid believes that shared spaces will help with the loneliness that accompanies moving to a new city or place. He said:
“If you go from location to location, it always takes a couple of weeks to feel at home. That’s something that we want to make sure is done in a very short time frame.”
The details on booking on the company’s website reads:
“Although rooms can be booked by the week, we ask that members book for at least a month, and favor those who will stay for longer […] You can also make Roam your primary residence. Once signed up, you can use our internal tools to book different locations.”
The startup has raised $3.4 million in a new round of funding that has allowed it to expand to Buenos Aires and London.
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