Man Who Attacked Family for Being Asian in New Zealand Gets Over 2 Years in Prison

Man Who Attacked Family for Being Asian in New Zealand Gets Over 2 Years in Prison
Bryan Ke
July 22, 2019
Fraser Milne, the suspect behind the “racially motivated” road rage attack against an Asian family near Auckland, New Zealand has been sentenced to two years and six months in prison.
Milne was sentenced on Friday in the Auckland High Court by Justice Sally Fitzgerald, according to Newshub.
In addition, the 21-year-old man must also pay 10,000 New Zealand dollars ($6,772) to the family and have his driver’s license disqualified for a year after his release.
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In a statement that was read out in court by the prosecutor, the family said that the attack made a significant impact on their health and business. Their car was also written off and they don’t have any insurance.
They added that they had a hard time sleeping and were afraid that they would be attacked again.
Prosecutors said the “racially motivated” attack was a sustained and prolonged one that goes “beyond the realm of road rage.”
“This was revenge … and when he had other choices he chooses to attack them,” the prosecutor added.
Even though Justice Fitzgerald called the attack “abhorrent and appalling,” she disagreed with the prosecutor’s statement and said that Milne didn’t immediately know the family’s ethnicity and he would’ve likely reacted similarly to anyone.
The incident happened in March 2018 when the Chinese-New Zealand family was driving around the Awhitu Peninsula near Auckland where they encountered Milne. He believed the family crossed over to his side of the road and was forced off into a fence.
Enraged, Milne quickly did a U-turn and quickly drove to cut them off. After the confrontation, the family, who was riding with two children aged 12 and 10, and their family friend, were able to flee.
Milne drove to the nearby shops and vented his anger towards several locals, spewing racial remarks and claiming that Asians were “taking over the country” and “f**king Asians” caused damage to his car.
He then spotted the family’s car driving past the shops and again went on to chase after them. That’s when Milne demanded the family to stop their car. But when they refused to do so, he intentionally bumped into them and caused the vehicle to spin out of control, crash into a bank and flip in the air.
The incident sent the children flying out of the car. One of the children suffered a skull fracture, laceration to his scalp and a small subdural hematoma. While the family friend suffered a spine fracture, three other members of the family only sustained grazes and bruises.
In May, Milne pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, injuring with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, and four charges of injuring with reckless disregard for safety, NZ Herald reported.
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Describing the event as “atrocious,” Milne’s defense lawyer Mark Ryan said the suspect was remorseful and pleaded guilty at the earliest possible time. Ryan added that his client pursued the family while driving his father’s car as he allegedly wanted payment for the repairs.
“What happened is tragic but fortunately no one died. He acted stupidly, irrationally and without thought,” Ryan said.
Milne, who had no past criminal records, was reportedly a meth user and only came off the drug a month before the attack, according to the judge. He now claims that he’s been drug-free for over a year and wants to repay the family for the car.
Milne also added that he was taken over by rage and that the attack was not motivated by any prejudice.
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