Rival Chinese Restaurants Win Customers By Having Epic Dance-Offs Everyday

Rival Chinese Restaurants Win Customers By Having Epic Dance-Offs Everyday
Ryan General
By Ryan General
March 16, 2017
In China, two competing restaurants were found to be engaged in a fierce battle of unconventional sorts to win the hearts of customers.
According to BBC, rival restaurants in the busy Ghost Street in Beijing have found a non-violent, stress-releasing means to one up each other via a dance off. The practice, which has become part of the employees’ daily routine, is a spectacle in itself that customers come to see.
Employees of Spice Village, a hotpot restaurant, assemble in their formation wearing their eye-catching wardrobe. For twenty full minutes, the dance ‘crew’ shows off their dancing skills to the tune of loud electronic music. Not too far away are the workers of spicy crayfish food house Zai Zai, busting their own moves in a more conventional manner.
Whenever the weather allows it, employees from the two sides reportedly dance against each other twice per day.
Their gimmick reportedly caught on to the other establishments within the area, with stores developing their own performances.
The workers and their managers explained that the routine has allowed them to minimize stress, promote camaraderie between the participants, and even improve physical fitness.
So far, it seems that none of the customers have complained yet.
An edited version of the video below can be seen below, while the full form can be found here.
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