Rick Ross: How I Made $2 Million a Day on The Streets


On what it’s like going from making upwards to $3 million per day to what he is making through his small businesses currently

Well money is not the motivating factor. Money is only the trophy, money is the trophy you get from doing a job well; and a lot of people don’t understand that and what they do is they reach for money first. Well I’m not reaching for money, I’m reaching for development, I’m reaching for the top, the best, and I know that once you do those things, then the money is the reward.  When you get the cars and the houses and all those things, those are just the rewards for a job well done, and thats what I’m doing right now, trying to do a good job.

How he figures out whether he can trust working with someone or not

I take chances, I believe that everyone is telling the truth until they lie. So when a guy tells me that he can do this, and he’s that and I believe it, until proven otherwise.


On taking risks

The only person that hasn’t lost, he never played. If you played a game, you’re going to lose. One of my teachers told me that a long time ago, he said “listen Rick, the only person thats never lost, trust me, he never played.” I mean Michael Jordan, they say the greatest basketball player of all times, check his loss record, he lost a lot of game, but he still came up on top.

On the lessons he learned on the streets that resonate to building a successful business today

People buy from people they like. So in the drug business people came and bought from me because not only did I have good drugs, but they also like me, they wanted to see me do good, and when people want to see you do good, they’re going to help you, they would rather bring their money to you, because you treat them like somebody then go to this other guy whose going to talk to him bad, cuss him out, slap them why they short. You know, my customers comes to me and they were short, I would give them some on credit. And I think people appreciated now. Thats why [there was] only a couple people that ever testified on me. Their could’ve been thousands of people lined up to testify against me. I walk the streets of LA right now, and people walk up to me and say “hey! I used to get drugs from you!–Your spot! I use to go to your spot! I got myself together now.” And when you see that and you know like “wow, all these people knew you, they could’ve took you down, but they didn’t.”

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Photography by Melly Lee

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