Man Accused of Racially Abusing a Bystander in Canada Will NOT Be Charged


A man accused of hurling racist abuse at a Chinese family and an intervening bystander in Canada will not face charges, authorities reportedly said.

What happened: The suspect, whose name was not released, allegedly yelled anti-Asian slurs at the family and the bystander for no apparent reason.

  • The incident occurred at the Burger King outlet in Ironwood Plaza, a shopping mall in Richmond, British Columbia, at around 3 p.m. on May 1.
  • The bystander, identified only as Benjamin W., was able to film parts of the incident, in which the suspect is heard yelling “f***ing Chinese motherf***er” and “I’ll f***ing kill you!”
  • In one clip, the suspect is seen saying, “Nice to meet you,” to Benjamin’s camera, changing his tone after realizing that the scene was being recorded.

“Alternative measure”: The issue was settled on Wednesday through an “alternative measure,” according to Richmond RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Ian Henderson.

  • The suspect was identified on May 14, a day after local police issued a public appeal, according to Richmond News.
  • Due to privacy concerns, Henderson could not confirm the exact alternative measure taken, but stated that the accused and the victim had come to an agreement.
  • Alternative measures, which allow for resolutions outside the court, may include programs that involve offenders with no criminal history, according to CBC News.

Henderson added that hate investigations can be “very complex,” and while video evidence can be “very compelling,” it “does not always speak to the totality of the situation.”

Featured Images via Benjamin W.

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