Author Slammed On Twitter for Article Complaining About His Korean Mother-in-Law

An author is being slammed online for writing and publishing an article describing his experience living with his Korean mother-in-law when she moved in to their house.

In Richard Scott-Ashe’s The Globe and Mail article, titled “The hard lessons I learned when my Korean mother-in-law moved in,” the author talks about how his mother-in-law moved in with them the same day they brought their first baby home.

On the first night, Scott-Ashe recalled how he was woken up by a buzzing sound. He was then surprised to see his mother-in-law helping his wife, Sun, pump her breast milk.

“Her presence in our home would create many memorable moments, but none would burn into my mind like the image of her milking my wife,” the author wrote. “I filed it away as deep as I could, down with the memory of our son as he entered the world, blowing out a region I had promised myself to until death do us part.”

Scott-Ashe went on to describe another instance where his mother-in-law helped the couple on their household chores like folding the laundry immediately instead of letting it sit for “a week or two.”

“With each new chore I attempted or neglected, my mother-in-law carefully laid out my mistakes and their potential consequences as if she were talking to a small child or a full-size idiot,” he wrote, adding, “The fact she was right every time somehow didn’t make hearing it any easier.”

Scott-Ashe complained about how his mother-in-law only finds using the dishwasher acceptable when it is being used as a rack for drying dishes cleaned by hands. He also went on to call her home cooked kelp and anchovy broth a “hot compost.”

The topic of raising their son was also brought up in the article where Scott-Ashe expressed how he wanted him to be raised “independent and tough” while his wife wants the child to be “kind and happy.”

Many Twitter users were so appalled by Scott-Ashe’s article that a lot of them called out the author online.

Featured image via Flickr / Bart Everson (CC BY 2.0)

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