Irish Man Offers Million Dollar Dowry to the Family of His Thai Bride-To-Be

An engagement party between an Irish man and a Thai woman became the talk of the town because of the seven figure dowry that the man is willing to give to the family of his bride-to be.
According to Coconuts Bangkok, people from the Surin Province in Thailand were wowed when an Irish man promised a seven figure dowry to his bride’s family.
Richard McAllister, 64, met 44-year-old Nathapapas Jaratponkul on the internet – a seemingly normal way to find love in this day of modern age. The two were together for five years before they decided that they wanted to marry.
The report said that McAllister worked in the IT industry in London and Jaratponkul is an owner of a mobile phone shop in Surin.
The couple’s traditional Thai engagement ceremony took place at their new house in the province. It involved a lot of “superstitious” activities that is expected to bring prosperity to their marriage.
In the ceremony, the Irish man and his Thai girlfriend paraded around the house three times, each time holding different things. First were foods that are supposed to bring good luck, then the couple’s marriage bedding, and finally portraits of the late Thai king and queen.
After the rituals, McAllister gave Jaratponkul a diamond ring, gold, and some money. Although the exact amount of the engagement money was not disclosed, it was reported that the bride-to-be’s parents will be honored with a seven figure dowry at the couple’s wedding that will happen next year.
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