Rich Parents are Willing to Pay Someone Up to $29,000 To Name Their Baby

Choosing a name for a newborn child can feel overwhelming. That’s why some parents are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money just to get the perfect baby name.
For $29,000, a Swiss baby-naming company called Erfolgswelle will provide the perfect baby name in two-three weeks, according to Bloomberg. Devoting 100 hours of work in research to produce a high-end baby name, the company also ensures that a baby name has not already been trademarked. The research also promises that the name does not have “an aggravating past.”
Another baby-naming agency that can provide a suitable name is Sherri Suzanne’s My Name for Life. Within 30 hours, the New York-based company can craft a name complete with a name report for several hundred dollars.
“While some criteria, like name popularity, can be measured and ranked objectively, I find that other qualities, like morality of a name or likelihood for success, are very subjective and vary from person to person, community to community and particularly generation to generation,” said Suzanne.
While the idea of a baby-naming business may surprise some, seeking expert advice for naming unborn children is actually an age-old tradition in some cultures like South Korea and India, where shamans or spiritual leaders would consult scripture or astrology to come up with name suggestions.
University of California, Los Angeles psychology professor Albert Mehrabian, who wrote “The Baby Name Report Card: Beneficial and Harmful Baby Names,” believes in the importance of a data-driven method as a name can affect a person’s popularity, well-being and even future career success.
In his book, he outlines a system that calculates a name’s grade according to four categories: ethical-caring, popular-fun, success, and masculine or feminine.
“I’ve seen parents do just incredible things with their poor children’s names because they were creative and thought they were going to be unique,” Mehrabian said.
“If you are getting somebody who really knows the evidence, then I’ll say it’s worth every penny, whether it’s $500 or $5,000. Believe me, you don’t want to name a child with an unattractive name and have them go through life and suffer the consequences.”
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