Meet the Extravagant Rich Kids of Nigeria

Meet the Extravagant Rich Kids of NigeriaMeet the Extravagant Rich Kids of Nigeria
Carl Samson
October 21, 2016
A new breed of rich kids has emerged on Instagram, and just like their predecessors, their message is clear: we have it all.
Meet the Rich Kids of Nigeria, whose posts are collected and posted by @richkidsnaija.
These kids flaunt everything they own for the rest the world to drool over: luxury bags, cars, shoes, watches and more.
With a GDP of $594.257 billion, Nigeria is Africa’s richest country, according to the Gazette Review.
It is the continent’s largest exporter of oil and is known to have the most natural gas reserves.
Emeka Okonkwo is the country’s youngest billionaire, according to the Daily Mail. On top of his own record label, he has interests in property, oil and gas.

Thank God for his mercies.- #Home 💃💪💪 #fivestarmansion

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Emeka is known for throwing parties where he sprays cash at guests from a money gun. He is also known as E-Money.

I like to call it the RED SEA. #ChristianLouboutin #CL #RedBottom

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Hushpuppi, another well-known rich kid, has an affinity for Louboutins.

My shoes are Louboutins, I got lots of them like coupons. #DrowningInRedSea 👞👞👞

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Mompha, who works as a CEO of his own company, loves Louboutins too.
Check out the rest of them:

#luxury #luxlife #instagram #balling #money #nigerian #vip #vvip #Rkon #richkidsnaija

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