Instagram Reveals the Luxurious Lifestyle of the Rich Kids of Russia

There aren’t many who can trump the Rich Kids of Instagram, but the Rich Kids of Russia can easily hold their own. These are the children of influential politicians and oil oligarchs, which translates to limitless amounts of oil money and a whole world to play in.
In the cold winter of Russia, nothing beats living lavish in Moscow’s New Arbat Avenue with a wolf fur.
Taking your pet raccoon to a Moscow Rolls Royce dealer seems like a pretty normal thing to do.
You also get to park your Lamborghini in Moscow’s Red Square.
Being rich also gets you a selfie with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
No Rich Kids of Instagram post would be complete without a fancy watch collection…
… Or a pet lion.
There’s also a view to be enjoyed in Moscow City, Moscow’s commercial district.
But Russia’s rich kids are perhaps best known for their travels outside of Russia, visiting every alpine and tropical corner of the world worth going to.
Enjoying the view with some champagne in Leysin, Switzerland
Lounging in Ibiza, Spain
Living like royalty in Florence, Italy
Just cruising around San Teodoro, Italy
Getting some sun in Nice, France
Playing with a dog in Caen, France
Of course, everyone parties in Beverly Hills, California
Take a dip in the sea in Porto Cervo, Italy
Taking in the the tropical Maldives
Casino night at the Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco
Topless sunbathing in Port Louis, Mauritius
Enjoying some coconuts in Phuket, Thailand
Trying to tan in Aspen, Colorado
Hanging out with Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian in Nassau, Bahamas
Scuba diving off the coast of Mauritius
Wading with spotted hogs Staniel Kay, Bahamas
Tanning by the deep blue of Oia, Santorini
At this point, you’ll either hate your life or be inspired — at least it’s your choice.
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