How the Rich Kids of Hong Kong Flaunt Their Money on Instagram

Hong Kong, a city of over 7.2 million people, 55 of whom are billionaires, has long had a reputation for being a one of the most vibrant and cultured financial centers of the world — it’s also one of the only regions of the People’s Republic of China where Instagram isn’t banned.
With Hong Kong, you have an ancient culture mixed with over a century of colonial influence that still remains relatively untainted by China’s communist authority. The resulting art, fashion, commercialism and economic prosperity makes for extravagant lifestyles.
And of course, who better to spend all that money than kids? Meet the Rich Kids of Hong Kong.
A bath with a view in Hong Kong really means an urban palace overlooking one of the world’s most incredible skylines.
When rich kids have to escape Hong Kong, you might catch them cruising by the island of Aegina off the coast of Greece.
When they fly commercial, it isn’t exactly hard to miss a cart stacked with Louis Vuitton luggage.
Of course, they can also just avoid crowds altogether and fly private like the rest of the rich kids.
When Mario Ho, one of the many children of Macau billionaire Stanley Ho, got sick of taking jet selfies, he decided to try something different.
When their friends come over, this is what the coffee table looks like.
And when Hong Kong rich kids head out together, there is no such thing as carpool.
Asian drivers on the freeway in Ferraris (while snapping pics) — what could go wrong?
Being a rich kid affords you access to celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio while he’s in Hong Kong promoting a film.
When you’re rich, one can’t simply have Hong Kong’s famous dim sum without Hong Kong’s famous view.
And for dinner? Nothing like having a delicious Peking duck prepared right in front of your table.
It could be the gold iPhone or the Cartier watch that says she’s a rich kid, but they pale in comparison to the Hermes Crocodile Skin Birkin Bag that can easily fetch over $100,000.
Taking a chilled shower in Armand de Brignac Brut Gold will cost you about $300 — a bit more expensive than your typical hot water.
But nothing says you’re rich quite like dressing up like a traditional young Chinese emperor.
In Hong Kong, partying like a rich kid calls for a Fendi feather dress and Christian Louboutin stilettos.
Even this $6,000 Louis Vuitton Président Classeur suitcase is pennies compared to the Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe watches that fill it.
But hey, it’s only more money than most people make in years — might as well throw them all on a champagne bottle and call it a night.
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