Inside the Luxurious World of the Rich Kids of Dubai

Inside the Luxurious World of the Rich Kids of DubaiInside the Luxurious World of the Rich Kids of Dubai
Editorial Staff
March 9, 2016
When you have a small country like the United Arab Emirates that has one of the world’s largest oil reserves, there are bound to be ultra-wealthy individuals playing in Dubai, a city practically built for millionaires and billionaires.
Of course, many of those ultra-wealthy individuals have kids who have a talent for spending millions in style. Enter the the Rich Kids of Dubai.
One kid enjoys a gold AK-47 hookah in the back of a luxury van (complete with other hookah accessories).
In Dubai, you can go shopping at the London-based collection retailer Harvey Nichols where most dresses cost well over $1,000.
Women can show off extravagant dresses at Atlantis, The Palm or take exotic pictures in the beauty of the Arabian desert.
It might take some people a while to notice, but there is actually a pineapple bowl sitting on top of the hookah.
Not sure which is nicer — the Lamborghini, the shopping bags, or the tiny palace they parked their car in.
Life is good when you can hang out in your Maserati with your baby cheetah. Cheetahs are listed as “vulnerable” on the world conservation list.
The Emirates plane actually looks a little too small for that Bugatti.
The Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure in the world at 2,722 feet which is home to the Armani Hotel Dubai.
You’ll never clash when you go white on white late night at a McDonald’s in a Lamborghini.
Sometimes you just have to have a lion. Of course, owning an endangered animal like a tiger or white lion is illegal in the United Arab Emirates. However, big cats are bought on the black market for up to $50,000 as a status symbol.
At the base of the Burj Khalifa lies the beautiful pool-filled Burj Khalifa Park, Lake andThe Dubai Fountain, the largest fountain system in the world.
Gold is always a nice color…
Unlike it’s neighbor Saudi Arabia, women in the U.A.E. are not restricted from driving or obtaining a license by fatwas, or religious-based edicts.
Someone probably paid a lot of money for a really tiny dog.
Note to future Ferrari owners — the trunk can only fit so many bags.
Leashing your lion to your Mercedes is way better than an alarm system.
One woman’s Porsche is literally red hot.
Tanning is probably never a problem out in the Persian Gulf. 
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