There is Now an Exclusive Social Network For Rich Kids That Charges $1,000 a Month

There is Now an Exclusive Social Network For Rich Kids That Charges $1,000 a Month
Ryan General
October 12, 2016
Finally, a social network exclusively for the snobby rich who fail to get everyone’s attention on a level platform has arrived. 
The new app separates itself from the regular, free-to-use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by charging its users a monthly hefty sum for premium membership.
While the poor, financially-challenged users may sign up for free, only those who can afford to shell out a monthly membership of $1,000 each month are allowed to post and share content on the app.
Rich Kids is banking on their target members’ hunger to “stand out” from the rest of the internet crowd, citing that the regular websites’ inclusivity make it difficult for them to do so.
By making their platform unaffordable for everybody else, the website promises to offer its wealthy members the ability to “gain new followers” they might not be able to find “among the millions of users on Instagram.” The poor users who choose to sign up will be able to view and follow these privileged few.
Interestingly, the owners of the site would like to make the site appear a bit noble by invoking charity into its platform. According to its website, a third of the membership proceeds will go to charity, “helping kids living in poverty to study.”
“With proper education, they have a chance for a better life,” it added.
While it all sounds well-meaning, it does not negate the fact that the platform exists to make money off rich people wanting to flaunt their wealth.
Will the target demographic bite? For the extremely wealthy, especially those who are self-made, such a platform will hardly be necessary if the intention is to simply “flaunt” their wealth. Many even choose to stay under the radar.
For those who are extremely insecure and seek adoration for being wealthy, then this is probably not a tough sell.
The app has just been made available for download. Observers however, give it a month or so before it fades into oblivion.
Evan Luthra, a regular feature on the Rich Kids of Instagram account, is not a fan of the app and told NexShark:
“Speaking from a perspective of a technology entrepreneur and investor, I don’t see an app like this gaining the critical mass it needs to be a viable product. There is no inherent value add for the users except bloating the ego.
“I don’t see any of my friends or myself actually using the app.
One thing you do need to remember is that rich people did not get rich by being dumb with there money. I would rather donate that $12,000 to a charity or even invest in some app that provides real value.
“Yes there may be a few dumb rich kids who may sign up but I presume it’s not long before the app is off the App Store.”
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