Rich Guy’s Tiger Cub Gets Loose in Qatar, Adorably Runs Around on the Freeway

The owner of one tiger cub in the capital city of Doha, Qatar accidentally lost his exotic and extremely adorable pet on a freeway causing a massive traffic jam on the Doha Expressway.

Drivers watched and recorded as the majestic yet dangerous looking tiger cub ran around cars.

Its owner eventually found the little guy and put a chain leash on him, at one point having to drag the cub out from under a truck.

While wealthy Middle Easterners with exotic cats aren’t a rare site in countries like Qatar, it is technically illegal and punishable by fines up to $2,750 and six months in prison.

Eventually, Qatari news caught wind of the story and tweeted about it to let people know they were aware of the illegal animal running loose:

“We assure everyone that the authorities are following what has been circulating (on social media) regarding a tiger being seen in specific areas of the country.”

h/t: Mashable
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