Meet the Spoiled Rich Dogs of Instagram

At this point, you’ve probably seen enough of the Rich Kids of Instagram for multiple lifetimes, but before you dismiss anything rich on Instagram again, you have to check out these dogs.

These furballs channel cuteness on pools, boats, lounge chairs, car seats, designer bags, private planes and gigantic gardens. They even sip pressed juice, lick wine bottles and chew on cold, hard cash — these are the Rich Dogs of Instagram

They look good under the sun.

They make the sea more classy.

They definitely know how to ride in style.

And when luxury bags and cars aren’t enough, they have private jets at their disposal.

Some of them truly are the kings of their castle.

When they are thirsty, they never drink out of some water bowl on the ground.

And when pressed juice won’t quench their canine palates, there’s always something bubbly to lap.

Even their technology is better than yours.

So if you ever had to die and come back as some kind of animal, being a Rich Dog of Instagram is hands down the ultimate life.

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