Rich Chinese Mom Throws $160,000 Fashion Show For 2-Year-Old Toddler

As we all pretty much know by now, rich Chinese people have too much damn money and not enough ways to spend it.

One rich Chinese mom in Shanxi decided to bank a ridiculous amount of money on the memory span of her 2-year-old toddler by throwing her a fashion show she’s sure to forget.

The show featured pieces by Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Armani and Prada — all clothes she picked up shopping in the United States, Hong Kong and Korea over the years. She reportedly spent over 1 million yuan for the clothes, which works out to over US$ 160,000.

But that’s just for the clothes — there’s also the hotel venue and catwalk she rented and a photographer she probably hired.

According to Ifeng, the mother said:

“We have no financial issues, so I just want my daughter to have a better life.”

We can’t criticize anyone for spending their own money however they choose, but wow. Just … wow.

h/t: Shanghaiist Images via ifeng
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