Rich Chinese Guy Teaches Store Owner a Lesson After Being Told He Couldn’t Afford an iPhone

Rich Chinese Guy Teaches Store Owner a Lesson After Being Told He Couldn’t Afford an iPhone

November 29, 2016
One Chinese man with a bone to pick at a store selling iPhones bought ended up buying all the iPhones at the store — only to smash them with a hammer immediately after.
It all started when the unidentified man stopped by the Apple store to ask employees if they could fix his iPhone. But when the owner told him they were not able to repair the device, the man decided to throw a tantrum.
“Fix? What fix? If you have the money then buy a new phone. If you don’t, then go to another store to have it fixed,” the owner can be heard saying in the video, according to World of Buzz.
However, that didn’t go over well with the customer who became extremely angry and impatient.
I see you have many iPhone devices in the store. I’ll buy them all,” he says in the clip.
The staff thought the man was just kidding around. Well, he wasn’t. The workers had no idea that the man was loaded when he decided to purchase all of the iPhones that the store had in stock — in cash.
The customer then had a “Thor” moment and used a hammer to destroy all 10 iPhones after his friends helped lay the devices on the floor as the shop owner looked on in horror.
He was warned by the owner not to break anything else in the store, but the man didn’t stop there; everything from the glass display case to an Apple iMac screen was smashed.
The devices reportedly cost about 63,000 yuan ($9,139), and according to the owner, the whole store cost approximately 500,000 yuan ($72,535).
The takeaway lesson here is don’t judge a book by its cover, and also, a hammer is a great tool in case you need to destroy thousands of dollars worth of property.
Check out the incident below:
This is not the first time a set of iPhones were demolished in protest. In July, we reported that iPhone users smashed their mobile devices and posted them on social media as an act of “patriotism” as a result of the South China Sea arbitration ruling by the United Nations Tribunal in the Hague.
“Let’s all start boycotting today. Do not buy goods from South Korea, Japan, America and the Philippines. Do not travel there. I cannot fight on the front lines, but I will not be the foolish citizen who provides bullets for the enemy,” a viral post on Weibo read.
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