RiceGum Films Himself Terrorizing Hong Kong, Asks Locals Where to Eat Cats and Dogs

Asian American YouTuber Ricegum has offended viewers after filming himself in Hong Kong in a manner that many may consider to be disrespectful.

Ricegum, whose real name is Bryan Le, flew to Hong Kong with his vlogging sidekick, prankster M2THAK. 

Image via YouTube / RiceGum

In the six-minute video, RiceGum, who repeatedly refers to Hong Kong as China, can be seen asking strangers where to eat dogs and cats, “where the hoes at” and whether massage services offered “happy endings.”

Image via YouTube / RiceGum

“Is that dog or something? That sh*t looks disgusting,” the YouTuber says while filming a dish on display.

Image via YouTube / RiceGum

At one point, RiceGum also hands out a half-eaten ice cream to a stranger who reluctantly accepts it.

Image via YouTube / RiceGum

Meanwhile, M2THAK can be seen undressing and moving mannequins to obscene positions.

Image via YouTube / RiceGum

RiceGum ends the rampage by saying that he enjoyed the experience and wished he had filmed more.

He claims the motive for his visit was that he’s tired of hearing people telling him to “go back to China” and commenting on his videos with common Asian stereotypes about eating cats and dogs.

Image via YouTube / RiceGum

The video has 3.3 million views as of this writing.

Many slammed RiceGum for his disrespectful stunts, comparing him to the infamous Logan Paul. Some even commented in Chinese.

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