YouTuber’s Epic Rice Wave Sparks Photoshop Meme Battle on Twitter

The Internet has given birth to yet another meme trend: this time it involves a viral “rice wave” that’s been circulating on platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

The picture was made to appear as if the man was doing some incredible wok tossing — with rice flying upwards in the shape of a wave. Many astounded netizens, including several Facebook pages, shared the picture thinking it was real.

But it wasn’t. The replica was actually a prop that Japanese YouTuber Kanta used for his prank video.

According to Mashable, the popular YouTuber who runs the channel, Mizutamari Bond, wanted to shock his friend Tommy with the fried rice. He made two smaller attempts at making one to lower his friend’s expectations.

By the third attempt, Tommy peeked inside the kitchen only to find Kanta with a huge wave of rice in his wok that he seemed to have tossed; however, Tommy soon realized it was a replica.

As said in the report, the YouTuber actually forked out $3,938 for this replica; however, it was revealed that he had to return the model the following day.

Even though the replica is back with its owner, its memory as that huge rice wave will continue to live on — especially now that netizens have turned it into a meme.

It even devolved into the rice wave fusing with the choking Sasuke meme

Featured image (left) via Twitter / kantamizutamari, (right) via Twitter / _eigenheit

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