Restaurant Owner Who Killed Dogs for Hot Pot Caught By Vigilante After High-Speed Chase in China

A restaurant owner from Yichang in Hubei Province, China who hunts dogs using a crossbow turned himself in after an outraged vigilante relentlessly chased him down.

The suspect, who was only identified by his surname Du, surrendered himself to the authorities on Wednesday when the car he was driving was hit from behind by the vigilante who caught him red-handed.

He admitted to the police that he hunted dogs for their meat and uses them in his signature “dog meat hotpot,” Global Times reported. His wife, Wang, tags along with him whenever he goes out to collect the carcasses.

According to Shanghaiist, a video of the incident surfaced on the same day Du was caught, showing how the suspect’s car was hit by the unnamed vigilante during a high speed chase on a busy road. The vehicle was seen spinning onto a sidewalk before it came to a full halt.

The suspect fled the scene after the high speed chase. After arriving at the scene, authorities discovered eight dogs carcasses in the trunk and backseat of the black SUV that reportedly belonged to Du. It was later revealed that the dogs were actually pets of local residents.

It is unclear if Du will face charges for his crimes, considering that the country has very loose laws when it comes to Animal Welfare and Rights, especially for domestic animals, but a police investigation is ongoing.

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