‘Ching Chong House’ Restaurant in Colorado Emerges on Instagram and Yelp

‘Ching Chong House’ Restaurant in Colorado Emerges on Instagram and Yelp
Carl Samson
July 22, 2020
A questionable “restaurant” bearing the anti-Asian slur “Ching Chong” has surfaced on Instagram and Yelp.
“Ching Chong House,” which claims to serve takeout and delivery, identifies its location at 1120 City Park Ave. in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Image Screenshot via Ching Chong House / Instagram
Image Screenshot via Ching Chong House / Yelp
About the “restaurant”: It’s unclear when exactly “Ching Chong House” emerged on the internet, but its first Instagram post is dated July 1.
  • According to its menu, the “restaurant” offers a selection of “Asian food,” including appetizers, entrees, salads and beverages.
  • Among the drinks listed on the menu is “Corona,” a “classic quarantine chiller served freshly out of Wuhan.”
  • Meanwhile, one of its entrees includes the $25 “Crispy Burnt Pug,” a “delicious deep-fried dog body.”
  • In response to COVID-19 updates, its Yelp page says that it now offers sit-down dining, outdoor seating and curbside pickup.
  • The restaurant’s listing had been on Google Maps before its removal.
Images via Ching Chong House
Who could be responsible: Due to its location, “Ching Chong House” is believed to be affiliated with students at Colorado State University (CSU).
  • The address leads to an apartment complex with an “OPEN” sign by the window and what appears to be a makeshift bench and railing on the patio.
  • Mike Hooker, director of media relations and Denver outreach at CSU, told the independent Rocky Mountain Collegian that the university has no control over the location.
  • A university representative reached out to the owner of the site and invited them for a dialogue, but the latter reportedly declined.
  • As of Monday, at least 13 CSU students and one staff member followed the restaurant’s Instagram page, most of whom were connected to the engineering department, the Collegian said.
  • In new Instagram Stories, the restaurant slammed allegations against its authenticity and claimed that its proprietors are actually Asians who support Asian culture.
The “restaurant” defends its authenticity on Instagram, adding that it can’t be racist because its owners are Asian. Images via Ching Chong House
Supposed servings at “Ching Chong House.” Images via Ching Chong House
The restaurant remains unverified and has been reported to Instagram and Yelp, as well as CSU’s University Bias Assessment Team.
As of this writing, its Instagram page has 37 followers and follows 32 accounts.
Feature Images via Ching Chong House
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