Restaurant in China Offers Free Food to Street Sweepers, Soldiers and the Elderly

The Loving Heart Tofu restaurant in Zunyi, Guizhou Province, China has been offering free noodles and breakfast to streets sweepers, soldiers and the elderly since it opened its doors in October 2015, warming the hearts of netizens in the process.

Restaurant owner Sun Zhiwen claims he’s “an ordinary businessman” who just wants “more people to feel the same warmth and kindness that I was given while growing up poor.”

According to Shanghaiist, the Chinese restaurant had already given away more than 20,000 bowls of noodles.

However, the establishment’s owner is not willing to stop there as he plans on opening up even more restaurant branches in the future.

Sun also empathized with street sweepers in particular, saying “street sweeping is a very difficult job, especially in the winter.”

“They have to get up very early, and work without breakfast until noon, when they can have lunch. I can provide nice breakfast for them to eat during breaks,” Sun added.

The humble businessman revealed that he himself grew up in a less fortunate household, but was still able to receive a lot of support from other people.

Sun now wants to return the favor by giving back to the society in any way he can.

It’s nice to know that there’s a follow-up to the heartwarming story of a sushi bar owner in Texas who gave away a whopping 1,000 meals to the victims of Hurricane Harvey back in August.

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