Restaurant Becomes Famous After Customers Attack It For ‘Serving Dog’

A Chinese restaurant in Lima, Peru, is welcoming hordes of customers after a bout with aggressive animal protectors who mistook the beef being served on the menu for dog meat. 

Angry customers and animal protectors can be seen in the surveillance footage causing a riot inside and outside of the restaurant Chifa Asia at around 10:41 p.m. on January 18. The news of the incident only recently surfaced on Chinese social media.

The owner of the store, Liu Xiunhuan, sent samples of the meat to be tested after being confronted by the angry mob and authorities. It was later revealed in the results that the meat was beef and not dogs, according to People’s Daily.

After more than two weeks of being closed, the restaurant reopened in February and Chifa Asia became quite popular in the area all thanks to the media coverage it received during the incident.

Images via Pear Video

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