‘Resident Evil’ Star Milla Jovovich Welcomed to Korea by Co-Actor Lee Jun Ki

‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ star Milla Jovovich has arrived in South Korea for the film’s premiere where she was welcomed by fellow actor and costar  Lee Jun Ki?

According to allkpop, the Korean actor handed the Hollywood star a souvenir gift on Thursday, just before a hearty dinner.

A gleeful Milla accepted the gift, while husband and film director Paul W.S. Anderson beamed on the side. We wonder what Korean food Milla tried first!

In another photo, the actors are seen with a plate of sauteed pig’s feet! Milla wrote in delight:

“Now THIS is crazy! My incredible Korean co-star -ex military, quadruple black belt, actor and pop star- @actor_jg, brought his own pigs feet to the restaurant tonight for dinner!😂I mean… if he wasn’t so damn cool, I would NEVER! Watch my instastory to see how it all went down!”

Welcome to 🔊Korea🕪 Milla~!!!♡♡💗💗💗

A photo posted by 배우 이준기 a.k.a Actor JG !李準基 (@actor_jg) on

But of course, the Korean experience is incomplete without a friendly couple heart photo. So lovely!

“Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” based on Capcom’s popular video game of the same title, opens in U.S. theaters on January 27.

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