Kind Repair Man Fixes Military Wife’s Furnace For $1

Kind Repair Man Fixes Military Wife’s Furnace For $1

January 27, 2016
However, with her military husband Bobby deployed overseas with the National Guard, she is left to fend for herself in taking care of the house.
A broken furnace is something she realized she had no idea how to fix when she came home one winter day and her Pittsburgh-area house was a freezing 50 degrees, ABC News reports.
After she texted her husband, who didn’t know what to do, she contacted Paul Betlyn, the owner of Betlyn Heating and Cooling in Township. Betlyn immediately drove to Stevens’ home to turn the heat back on.
In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Bridget expressed her appreciation of Betlyn’s selfless act. She wrote:
This is a bit lengthy, but I just want to take a minute to acknowledge Betlyn Heating and Cooling. I came home with the boys to a cold house that was 50 degrees. When turning up the thermostat was not kicking the furnace on, I called Betlyn’s, thinking I’d get a machine and have to leave a message, then run to the store for space heaters. Ultimately, Paul, the owner, answered and was very patient as he walked me through different things to do to try to get it back on. When none of that worked, he said he needed to come to the house to fix it.
Paul got to work immediately on fixing the furnace while engaging in a conversation with Bridget. This was when Bridget mentioned her husband was in deployment.
When the repairs were done and Bridget asked Paul how much they cost, he handed over a receipt that said $1. Normally, the repair would have cost $150.
When I tried to give him any money at all, he said that the $1 was a joke, and to thank my husband for his service,” Stevens wrote.
Betlyn told ABC there was nothing special in what he did: “I’m not the hero here. The deployed, they’re the heroes.”
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